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Waterfall geocaches (or geocaching) combine two of my favorite hobbies into one great, outdoor adventure.

Going to and photographing waterfalls, and geocaching.

Perhaps you haven't been introduced to the world of geocaching.  Well, let me help you out.  Go here to the website.

It's an addictive and fun sport in which the whole family can participate, plus it gets the kids away from the mind-numbing video games.  Most kids really like geocaching.  It's like a high-tech treasure hunt.


Getting Started

Of course the first thing you need is a GPS receiver.  I currently use a Garmin Vista C.  A good place to start researching the various models and features is in the forum.  There is a large discussion group on "GPS Units and Software" as well as a "GPS Garage Sale".

Next you will need to setup a free account at

That was simple, right?


Finding Your First Waterfall Geocache

Where to begin ...

Probably the easiest way to start off is to pick a waterfall to visit and see if there is a nearby geocache.  Try this:

  1. Go to the Hide & Seek A Cache page.  Seek a cache is on the right side of the page in green.

  2. If you know the GPS coordinates of the waterfall enter it here.

  1. If you don't know the GPS coordinates, the easiest thing is to click on the search with Google Maps link on the page (here is the same link).


Waterfall Geocaches of SW Virginia

While there are some caches at random waterfalls, a couple of geocachers from Bristol, VA (Konnarock Kid & Marge) took it upon themselves to promote the waterfalls of southwest Virginia to a great degree.

They developed a series called Fallin' for Virginia and have placed geocaches at 18 waterfalls in SW Virginia.  An award of some sort is given to those who manage to visit all eighteen waterfalls.

On my quest to visit all eighteen, I will be doing my normal, exceptional job of photographing (and videoing now) and documenting each waterfall.

Here is the list of waterfalls.  The link on the waterfall name will take you to my normal page about it.  The waypoint number link will take you to its respective detail page on the website.


Fallin' For Virginia Waterfall Caches

  Waterfall Waypoint #
Fallin' For Virginia I Logan Creek Falls GCMGDV
Fallin' For Virginia II Toole Creek Falls GCMXZV
Fallin' For Virginia III Straight Branch Falls GCNX4A
Fallin' For Virginia IV Garrett Creek Falls GCPX2A
Fallin' For Virginia V Cabin Creek Falls GCWQ2K
Fallin' For Virginia VI Fall Creek Falls GCWW4Q
Fallin' For Virginia VII Upper Little Stoney Falls GCWW5C
Fallin' For Virginia VIII Middle Little Stoney Falls GCWW5M
Fallin' For Virginia IX Alvarado Rd Falls GCX02J
Fallin' For Virginia X Chestnut Ridge Falls GCX20K
Fallin' For Virginia XI Falls Hill Creek Falls GCX20V
Fallin' For Virginia XII Twin Hollows Falls GCXBHG
Fallin' For Virginia XIII The Big Falls GCXBHQ
Fallin' For Virginia XIV Little Tumbling Falls GCXBJ7
Fallin' For Virginia XV Whitetop Laurel Falls GCXG9P
Fallin' For Virginia XVI Mock's Mill GCXVC2
Fallin' For Virginia XVII Parks Mill GCY8RX
Fallin' For Virginia XVIII North Fork Falls GC112FT



Other Waterfall Geocaches

Here are some other waterfall geocaches in Tennessee:

I'm sure there are many, many more of these.  If you know of one either in Tennessee or elsewhere, let me know and I'll add it to this page.  Thanks.

One final note.

You can also do a general search by keyword.  Using the keyword "waterfall" gives you these results of 784 waterfall geocaches worldwide.


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