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FREE Waterfall Screensavers

Yes, I couldn't resist.

I finally broke down and started making my own waterfall screensavers.

Alright, I'll come clean.  It's a shameless way to promote my website.  On the other hand you get a free waterfall screensaver out of the deal as well.

Anyway, did I say it was free?  Oh yes, apparently so.


Free Option #1

If you go to Gardner Photography, navigate into the waterfall folders.  Select a folder (they're organized by state/area).  At the top of the screen will be an option to view a slideshow.  When you click on that you'll get a full screen waterfall slideshow.  I'm guessing there may be a way to save the slideshow and play it as your screensaver.


Free Option #2

No spyware, adware, phishing schemes, viruses, worms, bacteria, or other lifeforms are attached - just a self-extracting screensaver.  However, you are welcome to pass it along like the common cold.

The screensaver has a wide variety of transition effects and also includes the ability to modify:

Click here or on the title to start the download.

Waterfalls of Wonder - free waterfall screensaver
Waterfalls gif 20 of the best wallpapers found on, including waterfalls in Tennessee, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.



Waterfall Screensaver Resources

Well, I'm working on an animated waterfall screensaver so stay tuned for that with my RSS feed found below the left Navbar.  All website updates are posted through the RSS feed.

Also, I'm going to dedicate a screensaver to waterfalls of Tennessee so keep an eye out for that as well.

Here are some other sources for free waterfall screensavers.

If you think your site deserves a listing, give me a buzz.

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