Moore Cove Falls

Pisgah National Forest, Transylvania, NC
Moore Cove Falls near Brevard, NC
Moore Cove Falls (6/20/2013, 28 mm, f/22, 3.2 sec, ISO-100 hi res photo)
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Moore Cove Falls is another popular waterfall in Transylvania County, N.C., probably due to its proximity to Looking Glass Falls.  I have good news, though.  Because this waterfall has a hike there isn’t an actual crowd at the waterfall, just a steady stream of people.

My G rating is based on the day I was there.  This waterfall has a very small watershed and is often a trickle in mid-Summer or early Fall.  However, it was decent when I visited as you can see from the photos.  Because of the neat location, ability to walk behind or even under the waterfall, I increased my rating more than I otherwise would for such an ordinary waterfall.  It really is a neat waterfall, not terribly photogenic but still neat.

WOW factor shows the ordinary size and height of the waterfall, increased slightly for the free fall and alcove behind the falls.  Enjoy.

Getting There

The hike to Moore Cove Falls – and parking, is located on the right side of U.S. 276 when driving north out of Brevard and is about 1 mile past Looking Glass Falls.  Total distance from the Brevard intersection of 64 and 276 is around 6.6 miles.  If you cross the bridge you’ve gone too far.  The GPS coordinates for the parking area  are here:

35.3049, -82.7746

Use the following link to customize your own directions to Moore Cove Falls or just click through the map below.

Hike Details

It’s a steady, uphill climb to the waterfall but nothing extreme.  Elevation gain is sharp for about 1/10th of a mile and then becomes more gradual.  I saw people of all shapes and sizes and ages make this hike the day I was there.  You can do it.  There are no intersections or trail crossings so you’ll have to work at it to get lost.  This is great for kids because the trail crosses the creek on small bridges several times and they can stop to play as desired or allowed by parents.  Total elevation gain is around 160 feet.

Photo Tips

The view from the overlook is ok, but if you want something good you’ll have to explore.  Much will depend on when you are there, the angle of the sun (if not cloudy), volume of water flow, foliage conditions, etc.

Because of proximity, a wide angle lens is a must.  Most of your photos will be portrait (vertical) orientation as well but a distance shot in landscape (aka horizontal) orientation can work in the right conditions. 

I always recommend using a tripod for waterfall photos  and in the case of Moore Cove Falls this is certainly a requirement.  It will be hard to see the waterfall in any photo in low flow conditions without at least a one second shutter.


Here you go. 

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