Greeter Falls, Altamont, TN

by Debbie S.
(Ringgold, GA)

Lower Greeter Falls in October 2012

Lower Greeter Falls in October 2012

This waterfall was about 30 minutes north of the South Cumberland State Park Visitor Center in Altamont, TN..very small-town area. There is a parking area across from the Greeter Falls trailhead. Hikers may choose the loop trail, or veer off towards the Alum(sp?)campgrounds. A side-trail goes to the Blue Hole, a swimming spot in warmer months. The Loop trail goes past lower Greeter Falls and Broadtree Falls, with an option to take another side trail to Upper Greeter Falls. Trail is around 2 miles, but does have a lot of rocky/steep areas. Very pretty and we managed to do with a 6 and 8 year old, along with a 3 year old on my back. Trail also has a spiral staircase to get closer to the Falls..very unique feature! A pretty steep staircase goes to the base.

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