Fuller Falls

Fundy Trail Parkway, New Brunswick, Canada
Fuller Falls on the Fundy Trail Parkway
Fuller Falls (6/19/2009, 18 mm, f/22, 1 sec, ISO-100)
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I don't think I can say enough good things about the Fundy Trail Parkway.  My wife and I were completely impressed with everything associated with the parkway.

Please visit their website to learn more.  The parkway is accessible through the town of St. Martins, NB.  There is both a road and a trail that hugs the Fundy coast and offers some incredible vistas.  This is a "don't miss" destination if you're traveling the Fundy Coast.

Ok, so on to the waterfall.  Upon entering the park we received a map that showed the location of this waterfall.  I thought, "Eureka!!"  My wife thought ..... well, who knows.  That's beside the point.  Yes, another waterfall.

So it's not the most impressive waterfall, but still quite nice.  I understand that there is a lower waterfall that isn't accessible by the trail.  Perhaps it can be seen from nearby Melvin Beach.

Getting There

I can't say that we enjoyed the roads leading up to St. Martins.  But once you get to the parkway it gets much better.  In St. Martins head north out of town past the sea caves and continue about 10 kilometers to the entrance for the Fundy Trail Parkway.  They will give you a very nice map and from there you will have absolutely no problems finding the parking area for Fuller Falls.  I'm not exactly certain I have the gps coordinates right for the falls but they're close.

Use the following link to customize your own directions to Fuller Falls.

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Hike Details

Stairs at Fuller Falls

The hike is very short, actually more of a little jaunt.  If memory serves me it is less than 100 meters to the cable trail down to the observation platform.  So total distance is short. 

The cable trail is not as difficult as it may appear.  Don't be intimidated.  You can do it.

Photo Tips

Ok, so once again I didn't follow my own advice.  I arrived at Fuller Falls around 10:00 am.  At some waterfalls this would have been acceptable.  Not this one.  It faces mostly east so morning light is bad.  Late afternoon or early evening are best for photographing this waterfall.

A lens with a focal length around 50 mm will work well here - not too far away but not too close either.

You will need a good tripod to get long exposures.  There isn't enough water to mess with fast shutter speeds.  Because of the low volume and type of waterfall slower is better as long as the wind is minimal.  I had some blurring of the leaves due to wind.  Again, not much one can do about that except arrive early or late to avoid daytime breezes.

As always I recommend the use of a polarizer to cut down on reflections.  I color-corrected the photos with Photoshop when I got home.

Composition - You are on an observation deck and somewhat limited here.  I tried both portrait and landscape orientations.


Here you go.

Fuller Falls, Fundy Trail Parkway, New Brunswick, Canada from Randy Gardner on Vimeo.

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