Falling Water Cascades

Burgess Falls State Park, Putnam, Tennessee
Fall Water Cascades at Burgess Falls State Park
Falling Water Cascades (5/30/2006, 55 mm, f/29, 1/5 sec, ISO 100)


This cascade is located in the lovely Burgess Falls State Park.  The park contains 4 separate waterfalls all within one mile of the parking area - Falling Water Cascades (20'), Little Falls (30'), Middle Falls (80'), and the namesake Burgess Falls (136').

So really you don't come here to see the cascades.  It's a freebie in the waterfall world.

Getting There

Burgess Falls State Park is located in middle Tennessee near the city of Cookeville.  Directions can be obtained from the state park website or you can get personalized directions from Mapquest.

Hike Details

The cascades are located at the beginning of the trail to Burgess Falls, right next to the parking area.

Photo Tips

I didn't have time to play when I was there, but there are many options at the cascades when it comes to composition.  Wear wading shoes to get the best shots.  Try some telephoto shots to isolate various parts of the cascades.  Both fast and slow shutter speeds could work here depending on personal preference.  I tried both and liked both.

The river is very broad and open so sun is a constant problem except very early or late. 

You will also want to use a polarizer to cut down on reflections.


Here you go. 

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