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West Prong Falls

G Rating 1.5
WOW Factor 1

Plumb Rating 

Height: 10'


Distance: N/A



GPS and Map Details
Latitude:   35° 39.218' N
Longitude: 83° 42.568' W
Elevation:   1,200 ft
Face:         330° (NNW)

Maps:  Topozone

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West Prong Falls in GSMNP


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New Hampshire



West Prong Falls

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee

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West Prong Falls in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

West Prong Falls (3/30/2006, 55 mm, f/29, 1.6 sec, ISO 100)


This waterfall can be seen from a turnout on Laurel Creek Road (same as Little River Road) between Cades Cove and Tremont Rd. 


I really don't consider this to be much as a waterfall, more of a cascade in my opinion.  While the flow is large for the area, the drop is only 8-10 feet.  Plumb gives it a 2-star but he must have been out of his mind that day. 


The good part of this waterfall is that a hike is not required and parking is available next to the river. 



Getting There

The waterfall is 0.2 miles west of Tremont Rd on Laurel Creek Rd or 0.4 miles from where the Townsend entrance road terminates at Little River Rd.


From Sugarlands Visitor Center, travel westward on Little River Road and look for the turnout on your right 0.2 miles past Tremont Rd.



Hike Details

No hike.



Photo Tips

To be honest I didn't take much time at this waterfall because I was unimpressed.  I think the picture above is about as good as any of West Prong Falls.  For the most part just use standard composition rules and normal equipment like a tripod and polarizing filter.


For a larger version of the picture above, go to the waterfall wallpaper page.


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