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The Essentials

Mother Walker Falls

G Rating 2.0 
WOW Factor 1

Plumb Rating 


Height: 98' total


Distance: N/A



Video: Nope

GPS and Map Details
Latitude:   44° 34.608' N
Longitude: 70° 55.392' W
Elevation:   ~1340 ft
Face:         ~135° (SE)


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Mother Walker Falls in Grafton Notch State Park


Mother Walker Falls



Photo Tips


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New Hampshire



Mother Walker Falls

Grafton Notch, Oxford, Maine

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Mother Walker Falls near Bethel, Maine

Mother Walker Falls (8/03/2006, 38 mm, f/29, 5 sec, ISO 200)


I'm gonna get right to the point.Description of Mother Walker Falls


This waterfall is not worth visiting.


Yes, it's a sad thing to say.  It's also the first time I've ever said that about a waterfall but that doesn't change the facts.


The "waterfall" is really a series of cascades/drops through a gorge full of boulders.  There is nothing remarkable about it.  The primary view is from an overlook and all I could see was a stream with some small cascades.  Go visit nearby Screw Auger Falls instead.



Getting There

Sign for Mother Walker FallsTo reach Mother Walker Falls from the south, follow Route 26 into Grafton Notch State Park.  The first sign you see will be for Screw Auger Falls.  Stop there and enjoy the view.  If you just have to go on the sign for Mother Walker Falls will be on the right just a little bit past this.


Use the following link to customize your own directions to Mother Walker Falls.


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Hike Details

No hike.  Park and follow the boardwalk to the gorge overlook.



Photo Tips

Why are you looking for photo tips of this waterfall?  Didn't I say it wasn't worth visiting?



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