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Meigs Falls

G Rating 4.5
WOW Factor 4

Plumb Rating 

Height: 30'


Distance: N/A



Video: Available

GPS and Map Details
Latitude:   35° 40.146' N
Longitude: 83° 40.512' W
Elevation:   ~1,440 ft
Face:         300° (WNW)

Maps:  Topozone

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Meigs Falls in GSMNP


Roadside view of Meigs Falls


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New Hampshire



Meigs Falls

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee

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Meigs Falls in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Meigs Falls (3/30/2006, 214 mm, f/29, 0.6 sec, ISO 100)


This waterfall can be seen from a turnout on Little River Road between Cades Cove and Sugarlands Visitor Center.  The view is partially obstructed by trees in the summertime; otherwise the view is good, if not great.


I consider this to be an average waterfall and the ratings show it.


The good part of this waterfall is that a hike is not required.  However, if you want a close-up view you will have to wade across the Little River.



Getting There

Meigs Falls is 13 miles from Sugarlands Visitor Center.  Traveling westward on Little River Road, the turnout will be on your left one mile past The Sinks.


From the western end of Little River Rd (junction with Laurel Creek Rd), go 4.7 miles.  The turnout will be on your right.  Look for a bunch of cars.  It's a big turnout.



Hike Details

No hike.  However, if you want a closer view a little hoofing and wading will be in order.  I was there in late March and the Little River was too high to cross anywhere near the falls.  Water conditions were high, though, so there is hope.  There was a possible place just downstream.  Personally I'd like a closer look so I plan on a crossing the next time I'm there.  The waterfall is around 200 feet or so away.



Photo Tips

From the turnout you will need a zoom lens and a good tripod.  If you noticed, the picture above was taken at 214 mm and 0.6 seconds.  This can't be done by hand.  As a matter of fact many tripods won't give you a good result.  I have to say, I was pleased with mine.  It's solid.


Did I say a tripod is a must? 


Your composition options are very limited.  Ok, you don't have any options unless you cross the stream and walk to the waterfall.


Lighting could be a problem.  An overcast day or morning is best for pictures of Meigs falls.




Here you go.




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